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Creating added value is BlueNote's hallmark – from initial planning and research through project implementation to successful execution.

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Our Story

BlueNote’s was founded in 2010 by a group of senior consultants with a soundtrack record in providing management-consulting services and experience in serving the ICT sector and the digital economy. BlueNote’s services portfolio includes the whole performance-enhancement cycle. We provide an end-to-end perspective, starting with diagnosing the business context and understanding a client's mindset. Then we select and develop the best possible initiatives, provide decision-making support and implement planning. Having achieved the desired results we ensure continuous monitoring of, and feedback from, the enhancement program.

Our talented and experienced team is able to provide quick but highly-reliable answers to managers, entrepreneurs and decision makers in our areas of expertise.

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Member 01

Juan Ignacio Crosta Blanco

Director & Co-Founder

BA in Economics and Master in International Economics.

+24 years of experience in ICT sector.

Member 01

Alfredo Pierini

Deputy Director Co-Founder

BA in Economics specialized in Strategic Management

+20 years of experience in financial services, gas and energy industries.

Member 02

Lorena Torres

Senior Consultant & Lead Engineer

Electronics Engineer specialized in telecommunications

+20 years of experience in ICT industry.

Member 03

David Miazzo

Senior Consultant

BA in Economics and candidate to Doctor in Economics

+12 years of experience in financial modeling and economic analysis.

Member 04

Camilo Jimenez

Senior Consultant & Electronics Engineer

Master in Administrations.

+14 years of experience in ICT sector and public policies

Who we are

BlueNote Management Consulting is a consulting firm focused on the telecommunications and media sectors, where it has developed a wide array of engagements in strategy, public policy and regulation, helping both the private and the public sectors, as well as international entities. BlueNote consultants have a sound track record n the Latin America region, where its talented team have been working for more than 20 years as consultants or as part of operator’s management team or public entities.

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What we do

BlueNote’s core areas of practice in the telecommunication and media sectors include ex ante regulation and competition, public policy (development, assessment, implementation) and technology developments.

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BlueNote has two offices; one in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the other in Bogotá, Colombia. The location of our offices, close to our focus markets, coupled with our staff mobility, enables us to provide flexible and rapid on-site services to our clients throughout Latin America.

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