A premier managment consulting firm focused on strategy.

Our mission is to be regarded as effective strategic partners for decision makers and key managers.

Our services, brand values and implementation support

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Brand Values

We provide an end-to-end perspective, starting with diagnosing the business context and understanding a client's mindset.

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Consulting Services

We provide insightful and impartial strategic advice from our team of experienced and highly-professional consultants.

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Initiatives Development

We partner our clients in the implementation of new initiatives, making sure the desired changes are achieved and the planned initiatives actually materialize.

BlueNote’s services portfolio includes the whole performance-enhancement cycle.

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Industries we cover

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Telecomunications and Media

 In the telecommunications sector, we have developed a wide range of services aimed at assisting both the public and private sector.


We have provided consultancy services to several different stakeholders in the financial sector, consumer goods companies and retailers.